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Eye of the North is the first expansion of the three Guild Wars campaigns: Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall. For experienced Guild Wars players as a bridge to Guild Wars 2, Eye of the North leads two new NPC races. According to gw2 gold, these new breeds will be playable in Guild Wars 2. The Norn live in the cold and inhospitable land from distant cliffs. Like huge Vikings, the Norn have a special ability that can transform them into giant bear fighters during the fight. For this reason, there are two boxes of Northern Eye covers - one Jora in their human form, and the other has Jora in their bear form. Better is to click here or visit our official gw2 gold website to know more about .

You need to reach # 1 (1000 rating points) before you can talk to NPC bridges or cities in Norn. You will also have noticed that there are three special NPCs, marked Consumables, weapons and armor. Once you have reached the rank 3, 4 and 5, or you can talk to these NPCs and use their services to create unique objects and certain breed. The Norn are proud and suspicious, and will tell you when you defeat them first in the fight. There will be a small break as soon as the fight begins, as the Norn transform their bear dexterity into a bear hunt. This will give your party the opportunity to get quick and easy damage to the Norn's easy to defeat. Once you talk to them, the Norn NPCs grant your blessing group to Norn Hunting Company. Call get a point for each dead creature in the exportable area. All 25 rating points you get a random bonus. Talk to other NPCs Norn can also grant additional levels of the hunting party blessing that will give you additional reputation points for murder. If needed interested individuals can click here website or visit our official in order to know about cheap gw2 gold.

Note that when you talk with an NPC, give more bonuses. For this reason, it is important to use the Guild Wars card effectively to keep track of where you are and what the NPCs in the exportable area have spoken to you. In this way, you can maximize the bonuses received and reach the maximum number of reputations. You will find that many NPC quests are only available if you reach a certain rank in the corresponding title track. As it progresses, it is important to first return to the outposts and villages discovered in Eye of the North to see if the NPCs for you have new missions or missions. This high value of reading is one of the reasons that Guild Wars was a success.